Alfa Romeo Giulia Downpipe - 2.0L - Ragazzon

Alfa Romeo Giulia Downpipe - 2.0L - Ragazzon

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Alfa Romeo Giulia Downpipe - 2.0L - Ragazzon
Alfa Romeo Giulia Downpipe - 2.0L - Ragazzon
Alfa Romeo Giulia Downpipe - 2.0L - Ragazzon

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The Alfa Romeo Giulia Downpipe - 2.0L - Ragazzon is the perfect upgrade for those looking to unleash more power and create a more aggressive exhaust note. Made in Italy with stainless steel construction, this Catless Downpipe is designed to enhance the performance of your Alfa Romeo Giulia, allowing you to experience a new level of driving exhilaration.

One of the standout features of this downpipe is its sport tuned sound. The Ragazzon design provides a deep, powerful tone that will turn heads wherever you go. It not only adds visual appeal to your car but also provides additional performance over the restrictive factory design.


  • Made in Italy
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Sport Tuned Sound
  • Provides additional performance over the restrictive factory design
  • Requires ECU Remap

To maximize the performance gains from this downpipe, an ECU remap is recommended. This will optimize your Alfa Romeo Giulia's engine management system and ensure the best possible performance.

If you are planning to use your vehicle in a non pollution controlled environment, this Catless Downpipe is the ideal choice. It is designed specifically for those who are looking for added power and a more aggressive exhaust note.

If you have any questions about this product, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team at 512-982-9393 (Texas) or 562-981-6800 (California). We are here to help!

This part is being sold under the category of "Track Use Only".

On a daily basis we ship parts and accessories to fellow enthusiasts all over the world. Emission Regulations vary in many Countries/ Principalities/ Regions/ States/ Counties.

This item once installed will alter and increase the emissions of the vehicle it is installed in. In many areas installing this item in a vehicle that is being driven on public roads and highways is illegal. Please check the emission. laws in your Country/ Principality/ Region/ State/ County prior to installing it on your vehicle.

By purchasing this item you are stating that you will be using it on a track use only vehicle that is not legal for street/ highway use or your area allows the installation and use of a part that modifies the emissions of a vehicle.

This part will not ship to California USA.

CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

About Manufacturer


A team of highly motivated, creative and dynamic professionals enables to make increasingly high-performance and technically advanced silencers and tailpipes for mass production. The team develops custom projects that meet the needs of each individual customer on the latest generation of cars and vintages cars that have made history.


A Veneto-based company founded in the eighties when Enzo Ragazzon started the production of reinforced standard silencers. In the nineties the company entered the world of tuning with lines of high-performance sports silencers and created the first duplex exhaust (two tailpipes on the right and left) which was also tested and type-approved.

Absolute leader in its category.

Today Ragazzon S.r.l. is a leader in the production of sports and “custom” silencers, thanks to its thirty years of experience in the sector and the high quality of the raw materials selected. The company is increasingly present on the national and international market and its Quality Management Systems have been certified by Fakt Certification Services.


The close cooperation between commercial staff and technical and production departments brings about an efficient swapping and a proper processing of information, crucial for anticipating market trends in order to bring onto the market cutting edge products.

Experts study carefully each single vehicle, diameter and thickness of the various stainless steel pipes, they calculate runs and curves to improve the flow of the exhaust gases so they can design the most appropriate silencer, by shape, size and manufacturing techniques, all to ensure the right sound without slowing down passing gases.


The production process is carried out entirely in the company’s factory. This is where the 3 main components are made: pipes, silencers and tailpipes, which are available in different designs and materials..

Attention to detail in the manufacture of each individual silencer guarantees maximum quality and durability for each product.

Another feature of all the Ragazzon silencers is their sound, which undergo strict testing and checking to ensure they comply with the EEC type-approval directives.

A large and modern warehouse allows us to guarantee worldwide express delivery.

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